Small Farms Rehabilitation Project, 2009–2016

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot brought a year’s worth of rain to Southern Taiwan in just three days, causing flooding and landslides that devastated aboriginal and rural communities. Besides alleviating immediate agricultural losses and property damage, the Hao Ran Foundation’s Small Farms Rehabilitation project addressed population decline among young workers and resource distribution inequalities in rural towns.

The project was implemented in Jinfeng Township in Taitung, Taoyuan Township in Kaohsiung, and Beigang and Shuilin Townships in Yunlin, with rehabilitation methods adapted to suit local requirements and environmental conditions.

The first year was devoted to immediate recovery, with the next three years (2011–2014) focused on gathering resources, and establishing a framework for reconstruction and recouping losses. From 2015 onwards, our focus shifted to reviving local economies, promoting food sovereignty, and establishing cooperative organizations for local farmers to share experiences, hold discussions, and learn from each other.

In addition to focusing on farming and agricultural development, the program also aimed to expand the diversity of sales channels, creating opportunities for farmers and consumers to meet and interact. The Small Farmers Market, a monthly event dedicated to promoting small farmers and conscious consumerism, was part of the program for two years from September 2011, before being transferred to the care of the Taiwan Rural Front.

Small Farms Rehabilitation Project Publications

As part of the Small Farms project, the Hao Ran Foundation cosponsored the creation and publication of the books, reference manuals, and short documentary films that follow.



Short Films & Documentaries

The Adventure of Pirate Farmer Group Fellow

"Bow to Land": Various Ways of Going Rural

First Plum on Native Land

Small Farm Rehabilitation: Blooms on Wild Land

The Story of Koo-Tsa-Tshan

Sesame’s Back

The Story of Lulakes: Listening to the Singing of Dalta

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