About Hao Ran

The Hao Ran Foundation was established in Taiwan in 1978 as a nonprofit organization providing support to literature and the arts. Since 1995, the foundation has focused its efforts on supporting education.

Hao Ran aims to support initiatives that contribute to society by promoting learning, cultural exchange, and inclusive dialogue. While promoting lifelong learning, we hope to bring people together from around the world and encourage them to actively participate in our increasingly interdependent global society.


In the Beginning

At its inception, the Hao Ran Foundation was committed to supporting the arts, literature, and charitable projects. The foundation provided grants to schools and universities to support translation programs and scholarships, as well as annual grants to Taipei Chinese PEN, to support its regular publications and promote the Chinese-English translation of contemporary Taiwanese literature. As part of its push to promote young talent in the arts, Hao Ran sponsored the publication of Images of Taiwan, a photobook in English and French by Michael Guo (郭英聲), from 1981 to 1983. Hao Ran also provided grants to organizations working with and caring for elderly and disabled individuals.

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