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Globalization and Development Initiatives, 2007–2017

The Hao Ran Foundation’s Globalization and Development project was inspired by a growing discussion around the human cost of globalization. Initially focused on individual impact on international development, in 2013 the program transitioned to concentrate on collective impact.

The International Volunteer Program

The initiative was launched in 2007 with the International Volunteer Program, which sponsored more than 90 individuals from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China to work with partner organizations around the world. These partnerships provided opportunities for cultural exchange as well as invaluable hands-on experience in specific fields of interest. Volunteers worked with grassroots organizations and international nonprofits, and were required to attend three months of intensive language training before their departure.

The five-year program supported communities around the world with becoming active participants in sustainable development. Hao Ran recruited people from a range of disciplines to participate in overseas placements, with work in areas including community organization, organizational development, governance, education, agricultural and rural development, human rights, gender equality, and youth programs. Through more than 20 partnerships and projects on four continents, volunteers were exposed to opportunities for cultural enrichment as well as learning experiences on the subjects of international solidarity and social equity.

Global Partnerships

The second phase of the project was launched to facilitate collaboration between the wider Southeast Asian community and civil society organizations in Taiwan. Hao Ran worked primarily with Taiwan-based organizations from 2013 to 2017, as well as Hong Kong-based organizations from 2015 to 2017, encouraging cross-regional and cross-border partnerships, regardless of country or region.

Our emphasis has always been on protecting and promoting basic human rights, the environment, culture, and education. Hao Ran’s partner organizations have worked on issues involving freedom of expression, migrant workers, food security, labor rights, climate change, biological conservation, social security, cultural heritage, and new media.

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