Immigrant and Migrant Worker Initiatives, 2009–2012

From 2009 to 2012, the Hao Ran Foundation partnered with local and international organizations working to protect migrant workers’ rights. These organizations provided support in the form of essential services conducted research studies, and assisted immigrant and migrant workers in the process of becoming self-reliant.

Our partners in these initiatives worked to document cases, participate in advocacy, monitor policies, and provide various essential services for new immigrant and migrant families. Hao Ran’s partner organizations themselves employed these workers to aid in communication, and as contacts sharing languages and cultures with other new arrivals. In so doing, they facilitated the conducting of interviews, reviewing of casework, and collecting of information on labor law and human rights violations in Taiwan.

In addition, Hao Ran hosted workshops and training sessions with our partner organizations to share work experience and progress, explore solutions, and provide tutorials on best practices.

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